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December, 2011


Chloe's Chemoo Cows has had another very good month with lots of fundraising and lots of donations from members of our herd, each and everyone moo-ch appreciated!


A few more thanks for donations recently 'maid'!!! Trying not to milk it here...we'd butter not sound too cheesy!!!


Thank Moo to Sally Hastings, Linda Devoy, Cat McAlaney, Michelle Miller and Neil & Lorraine Gillies for their recent contributions, we think you're all so cool you're 'Fresian!'


An udder thanks to Currie European for their donation, we'd like to thank them for their generosity and Ian Gilmour for nominating our charity!


Lastly we’d like to say a big thanks to Jeanette, Colin & Lucy Brown for their very kind donation. We especially want to thank Lucy for sending in the great photo of her in her cow jammies!!! We think you look uddderly moo-reffic Lucy!




Delivery Time!

Chloe's Chemoo Cows had a great morning delivering the first box of crafts and activities to the children at Schiehallion Yorkhill! This wouldn't be possible without your fundraising and support so thank you from us.


Delivering toys


Activities included; Solar system modelling kits, denim shoulder bag kits, fairy spoon pals, knight & dragon fairy spoon pals, paint & fly foam aircrafts, make your own crown kits, Goldilocks fairytale finger puppet sets, design a snowstorm kit, wooden noughts & crosses sets, design your own shield kits, scratch art bookmarks, Jacqueline Wilson novels, Horrid Henry books, Christmas activity books, lots of pens, pencils, crayons, lots and lots of glitter...the list goes on...


Cool School Cow Drive!

A huge thanks to the staff at Towerlands, Fencedyke and Broomlands Primaries who had a cow drive (beetle drive) at their recent in-service day and raised £150 for Chloe's Chemoo Cows.


What a cowtastic idea to raise funds whilst team building!!! Thank Moo, we really appreciate your support and think you're all Tre-moo-ndous!


Chloe's Wild Garden at Annick PS

Annick primary school had a sponsored Bulb- planting event on the 9th of November. Each pupil planted seven bulbs in Chloe's Wild-flower garden, one for each year Chloe was a pupil. They raised a staggering £640 Thank Moo to everyone at Annick Cowery School, we think you're all udderly cow-tastic!


5k Christmas Cracker

Some of Chloe's friends; Iona, Kathryn and Maeve did the Christmas Cracker 5km with Iona's Mum Pamela at Strathclyde Park on December 4th!!!


5k run


They ran in memory of Chloe and to raise funds for Chloe's Chemoo Cows...thanks girls...we think you're all udderly cow-credible!


An Udder Great Donation

This time from Chloe's Gymnastic Club Irvine Bay. Parents, coaches and gymnasts have all been working hard to raise funds for their club and decided to raise some money for us too!


Today we received a cheque for a cool £187, thank you Irvine Bay, we think each and every one of you is udderly cow-tastic!


Bungee Jump

On Sunday 4th December at 12.30pm, somewhere near Pitlochry, from the UK's only static bungee site, Natalie Morrison did a bungee jump and raised over £400 for Chloe's Chemoo Cows!


Bungee jump


At 132 feet off a bridge we think she's udderly mad...and just a little bit brilliant too!


Glencairn Primary in Stevenston have decided to support Chloe's Chemoo Cows by donating any cash raised at this year's school nativity to us!


We think this is a cow-tastic idea...thank Moo to the pupils, staff & parents... We wish them luck or as they say at the farm 'break a hoof!'


Chloe's Cracking Chemoo Disco

Two of Chloe's friends have organised a great fundraiser for Chloe's Chemoo Cows! It's called Chloe's Cracking Chemoo Disco, and is on 29th Dec from 4-6pm, in the Girdle Toll Bowling Club.


We think this is a fantastic idea, cows, partying & Christmas...all the things Chloe loved! Wow're definitely entrepreneurs in the making!



The staff at Girdle Toll Out of School Care have decided not to buy each other Christmas gifts this year and will instead be donating their money to Chloe's Chemoo Cows!


What a cow-tastic idea...thank Moo...we think you're all Tre-moo-ndous!



The staff at Crosshouse Hospital's day surgery and endoscopy dept have also decided to make donations to us instead of sending each other Christmas cards, we'd like to say thanks to our neighbour Brenda for organising this and thanks to everyone involved, it's very moo-ch appreciated!


Tye Dye Socks at Dalry Primary

The Tie Dye Socks are well under way at Dalry Primary's Art Club. The pupils plan to make and sell them at this year's panto production of Beauty and the Beast to raise money for Chloe's Chemoo Cows. Great work guys, moo-ch appreciated!




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