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January, 2012


December has been our busiest month to date with you fundraising over £2000.



Thanks to the Templetons and the Fosters for their kind donations. Moo-ch appreciated!


Thanks to Debby & Jordan McCreath for their very kind donation too. We think they're both cow-tastic!


A thank Moo goes out to Susan Shedden for her kind donation, we really appreciate you taking the time to support us Susan, so thank MOO!


Mark and I would like to say a special thanks to the friends and family who on being unable to give to Chloe this christmas made sizeable donations to the charity instead.


We all wish things were different and that Chloe was here to run the charity herself...I'm sure she'd make a much better job of it!


Missing you every day Chlo x


Christmas Cracker 5k

A huge thanks to Chloe's best friends Kathryn, Maeve & Iona, who did the Christmas Cracker 5k back in December. Between them they raised close to £500 Girls we think you’re udderly moo-reffic!


Brilliant Baking!

Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say an udder thank moo, this time to the pupils of Gargieston Primary School who raised £31.07 from their bake sale. Cow-tastic work!


Beary Happy Birthday!

Thanks to Cameron & Holly, Annick Primary School's junior safety officers who hosted a guess the bear's birthday competition a few weeks ago. It was so popular some pupils guessed 15 times. A huge success as they raised £43 for Chloe's Chemoo Cows. Moo-reffic work!


No cards this year

Many of you chose to donate to Chloe's Chemoo Cows instead of sending your work colleagues Christmas card or gifts, a great idea way to raise funds!


Thank Moo to all the staff at Day Surgery/Endoscopy/Main recovery at Crosshouse who raised £112.42

Thanks to Irvine Royal Catering & Cleaning staff, who raised £65

Thanks to the staff at ICU Crosshouse hospital who raised £53.41

Thanks to the staff at Montgomerie House (NAC) who raised £176.60

Thanks to the staff at Whitehirst Park Primary School who raised £70

Thanks to the staff at West of Scotland Housing Association who raised £190


And, lastly thanks to the parents and pupils at Dalry PS who contributed to the Christmas Church collection for Chloe's Chemoo Cows and an udder thanks to the staff who donated to us instead of sending each other Christmas cards. A cow-tastic £628.47 was raised!


Thanks to all who nominated our charity to their workplaces and to everyone who contributed...every penny is very moo-ch appreciated!


Dress Down Fridays

Dress Down Fridays during the month of December at Hillhouse Quarry raised a cool £104. We think this is a cow-tastic idea and would like to thank everyone who contributed.


An Udder Great Donation!

We'd like to say a huge thank Moo to Wallace McDowall Ltd for choosing us as one of their worthwhile causes this year. Their cheque for a cool £1050 will definitely be put to good use and we can't thank them enough! Thanks too to Chloe's Uncle Gary and his colleagues for nominating us :)


Cracking Christmas Chemoo Cow Disco!!

Chloe's Chemoo Cows wants to say a huge Thank Moo to Tammy Russell and Emma Murdoch who raised £600 with their Cracking Christmas Chemoo Cow Disco!!! The girls worked really hard on this and the disco was a huge success! Girls, we think you're both udderly a-moo-zing!!!


Muay Thai Time!

Thank Moo to all who contributed to the collection for Chloe's Chemoo Cows at Irvine Muay Thai's fight night back in September. We've just received a cheque for a cool £300 and would like to thank all who participated as well as Mark's Barbers for nominating us!


Cheers Cherry Tree!

Another thank moo to everyone at Cherry Tree Nursery, we gratefully received another donation this time from their Christmas sale. Udderly moo-reffic guys, another £100!



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