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January, 2013


Better late than never!
Although we love justgiving we don't always get our notifications - just realised we had some extra donations from some kind people who didn't do Christmas cards. Sorry the Thank Moo is a bit late but still wanted to say it -Thanks a Moo-illian!!


'Merry Christmas, thought this was better than sending cards Donation by Lee Johnston' £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid


'Not sending cards this year, would rather you used the money I would have spent probably on stamps alone! Merry Christmas! X Donation by Alison Mcclarty' £25.00 + £6.25 Gift Aid


'This year instead of spending money on Christmas cards and stamps, we decided to give the money to a worth while cause. Donation by Kerr Glen' £100.00 + £25.00 Gift Aid


We also had some other donations over Christmas. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Sally Hastings and to Mr & Mrs Cat McAlaney for their kind donations. And an udder thanks to all the lovely people at Montgomerie House (NAC) for donating £76. For the second year running they didn't send Christmas Cards and instead donated their hard earned cash to us. Thank Moooooo x


Beautiful Burgers!
Auchrannie have now sold a staggering 3038 of their tasty burgers meaning that they've been able to donate a further £1,519 to us at Chloe's Chemoo Cows! We're very lucky to be their Charity of the Year and thank Auchrannie customers and staff for their continued support!




Auchranie Timeshare
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to thank The Auchrannie Timeshare Owners for donating a cow-tastic £140 that they collected at their AGM on 12th January. Thank-moo very mooch!


5 x 50
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say thank-moo to Rhona McArdle who set herself the challenge of walking/cycling 5km per night for 50 nights! Wow! a 5x50 Challenge which she completed whilst raising a whopping £372 for us Thanks Rhona


Balmoral Banking
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say a huge Thank-Moo to The Balmoral Road Banking Group. They made cakes and sold them at work on Thursdays and raised a cow-tastic £400 for our charity. We thank Jackie Kerr for nominating us.


Baby News
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Kerr on the birth of their second child, beautiful baby Charlotte. Dad Brian decided to run a 'guess the baby weight' competition at his work and raised a whopping £96 which he donated to us. Not only that Brian got his work to donate colouring pencils & colouring sheets which will go straight to the Schiehallion Ward. We think you are Cow-tastic and Thank-moo very moo-ch.


Party Time!
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to thank Fiona Mcadam who raised almost £100 for us at her parents recent Ruby Anniversary party. Fiona and the family are pictured having a moo-reffic time! Thanks for your fundraising and support x


Ruby Anniversary


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