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October, 2012


Chloe's Chemoo Cows have just finalised paying for 10 cow-tastic brand new ipads for the ward. A huge thanks to Kenny at XMA for helping us with all the technical stuff including insurance and for getting us such an a-moo-zing deal!!!


Again none of this would be possible without all the superb fundraising all you guys do on our behalf! Just need to get them all sorted with apps etc then we can get them to the ward!


5K Fun Run
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say a massive thank Moo to the 400 people who turned up in the rain to take part in the 5K! As ever, we were completely overwhelmed with the support! It was great to see so many families having fun and enjoying our Scottish weather!


5K Fun Run


We'd also like to thank Fiona Comrie & KA leisure for all their hard work organising the event and all the volunteers who helped out on the day.


We raised an a-moo-zing £250 just with facepainting and donations and £1100 from very generous entry fees. A cow-tastic £1350.


5K Fun Run


Mary the Eagle
Another thank-moo to Mary Edwards from Dennis Eagle Ltd for their very kind donation of £150, also a thank-moo to Jodie Scott for nominating us.


Montgomerie Girls
More money to add to the total for the 5k at Eglinton Park from the lovely girls at Montgomerie House, (NAC) A moo-rific £231, including a donation from Auchenharvie Academy for £50.


Thank-moo to Hayley, Ashleigh, Lynn, Evonne and Megan; we think you are all cow-tastic!


Va va voom Veitchi Group
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to thank The Veitchi Group Charity Fund for a cow-tastic donation of £250. Thank-moo very mooch Another thank-moo to Lawrence Montgomery for nominating us!


Kilwinning Gardeners AKA Mad Squad
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say a huge thank-moo to the Kilwinning Gardeners for doing their walk from Kilmarnock to Kilwinning, they raised a cow-tastic £680.72 Well done boys- we think you're all moo-rific.


Kilwinning Gardeners AKA Mad Squad


Zumba Fun
A huge Thank Moo to Claire Morrison for her recent Zumba evening in aid of Chloe's Chemoo Cows. We received a cool cheque for £150 and want to thank everyone who participated and Claire for all her hard work!


Auchrannie Charity Dinner
Chloe's Chemoo Cows would like to say a massive Thank Moo to everyone who made the Auchrannie Charity Dinner a moo-sive success! A huge thanks to Auchrannie, to all the staff who worked for free on the evening and to everyone who donated raffle & auction prizes.


An udder huge thanks to Richard and Gordon for their hard work organising the evening and to everyone who bought a ticket and came all the way to Arran to support us.


The 6-course meal was outstanding, the magician was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was great- It was a fab-moo-less night!


Auchrannie Charity Dinner


As we'd previously said, we had more prizes than people! Due to this we have decided to use some of these big prizes for an online auction (details on how to get involved to follow). Having said that, we still managed to give away hotel breaks, pamper breaks, vouchers for meals, vouchers for shopping sprees and countless bottles of alcohol including vintage champagne.


We don't have a final total as yet as we still have the online auction to do, but we're estimating the total raised on the evening will be close to £3000!!!!!


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